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Monday, February 03, 2003

The World's Coolest Kids

We have the coolest kids at this church plant. There is a nineteen month old who lives life in a constant musical - he sings more than he talks and he's always dancing. A four year old who lives life very seriously and is quite content to sit on the sofa with the adults and give all the twenty-somethings hidden identities. I was a mirror. I think someone else was a chair. Her sister is around eighteen months and she just lives in her own world. Last night, I met two apple cheeked boys. The three year old sat in the bushes saying, "Bye. Bye. Bye." as we were leaving. And his brother, also a young toddler, let me tickle him while his eyes shone and his mouth shrieked. And from what I hear there are more coming! Quite a good bunch, I must say.

posted by Jamie 10:44 AM

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