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Friday, January 31, 2003

Some Things You'll Never Guess

Today I was reading while waiting for my bus - VW's diaries since I've recently begun to experiment with reading one book at a time. Another lady came to wait and looked at me with my book and stated, "Oh, I inputted Virginia’s Diaries a long time ago, but nothing ever came of them. They are still on disk." She then told me that she also inputted her letters. I didn't understand what she meant and asked her to clarify. Turns out she had created a concordance of the two which I believe is wonderful. I'm only halfway through with volume one and I am already having trouble locating passages I would like to re-read and they are too delightful to pause and write notes in pencil.

On another note, somehow I have imprinted in my subconscious that animals speak French. "Je sais t'as faim mais attendre!" (I know you're hungry but hold on!) I don't know why. At least it forces me to practice.

And yet another note, after all this talk of Gadsby's Hymns (OK, all this talk in selected circles) I have sudden fallen under their spell. How did church music fall to its current state? I mean, I can trace the history, but that doesn't answer the deepest meaning of the question. Sometimes I wonder if the Christianity we as a whole present could soothe the soul of a believer, much less the whole of society. The tide is turning, perhaps, but sometimes it seems like a split more than a reformation.

Apologies for this post has turned suddenly pessimistic. I think I must be tired.

posted by Jamie 10:46 AM

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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Help Me, History Buffs!

What significance was there behind boy scouts rising early and playing their bugles the morning after a raid of London? Somehow it brought relief to those who hear them, but I can't figure out why. The "librarian" is stumped!

posted by Jamie 7:48 PM

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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Cream Puffs For Dinner Again

I'm trying to watch the State of the Union Address without much success. Why am I so disinterested in politics? I think I'm off to prep Sunday's music. The church plant begins meeting this Sunday and music is a clean slate. I can bring in a whole sack of weighty songs that no one knows and it is appropriate. Thank goodness for new beginnings. (You might see an overload of Anne Steele in our hymnal.) There is also talk of creating a church psalter. Thank goodness as well for a chance to bring my skills out of the shadows.

On another note, I got walloped by the
cow this evening. (I'm running the farm this week.) I climbed over the gate, took a few steps - then I felt this pain in my ribs and I was laying eight feet from where I was by the water bowl. I never heard her coming! I think I screamed as well because Liz started laughing. Note to self: never climb into a black cow's pen in the dark while dressed in black, talking on a black cell phone.)

BTW, wolloped is the correct word for my experience this evening. Cows are dangerous creatures.

posted by Jamie 9:42 PM

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Monday, January 27, 2003

Another Post For Mike

There is something nice about the ordinary - coffee that is not quite warm, hands that smell of tangerines, cats clawing up the carpet under your door. It's the difference between my grandmother's sitting room and her den - one was filled with glass figurines and porcelain tea sets, the other with Longaberger baskets and magazines.

I could have perfect coffee every morning, but then I would never rejoice one the day it came out just right. I could have someone peel my tangerines, but then I would forget to remember how good it was earlier. If the cats didn't claw up the carpet, I would not be so proficient in French. (Arrête! Tu me rends folle!) Perhaps this is somewhat "Pollyanna" of me, but I think perfection renders me mal á l’aise.
Shall I say, “nothing happened today” as we used to do in our diaries, when they were beginning to die? It wouldn’t be true. The day is rather like a leafless tree: there are all sorts of colours in it, if you look closely. But the outline is bare enough. [The Diary of Virginia Woolf Friday, 29 January, 1915]

posted by Jamie 10:19 AM

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