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Monday, December 16, 2002

Final Answers, Finally

Sorry, folks, I've had to leave town suddenly. I tried to get these up before I left, but the computer crashed and all was lost. Oh, well. Better late than never.
  1. What should be considered my hometown?

    Defining "hometown" as the town in which I was born, my hometown would be Chapel Hill, NC. Eight points were given to Carrboro, NC since it is now merged with Chapel Hill and I lived there 3 times as long. Also, two points were given for Asheville, NC because I would like for it to be my hometown.

    Chapel Hill, NC (5), Asheville, NC (5), Carrboro, NC (1), Dublin, OH (1), Satillieu, France (0)

  2. My favorite book as a child was…

    The Secret Garden. One point was given for both Where the Wild Things Are and A Christmas Carol since I did read them as a child. However, I had outgrown picture books by the time the former was published and I think I was so creeped out by the latter that I never finished it.

    The Secret Garden (5), Where The Wild Things Are (4), Anne of Green Gables (3), The Hobbit (0), A Christmas Carol (0)

  3. Name my drink of choice.

    Tea (with Cream & Sugar). Five points were given for Coffee (with Cream & Sugar) because coffee is still a fine drink. Four points were given for Guinness because Guinness is also a fine drink though coffee is still slightly better. Three points were given for Chocolate Milk because who doesn't enjoy Chocolate Milk from time to time. However, no points were given for Black Coffee because you have removed all the good stuff. Bleh.

    Guinness (7), Tea with cream & sugar (3), Coffee - Black (2), Coffee with cream & sugar (0), Chocolate Milk (0)

  4. Which language have I never studied in a university setting?

    Spanish. However, two points were given for Russian since I withdrew from the class. As for the others, I majored in French, took two semesters of Italian (all that was offered), and one semester of Latin (during my last semester).

    Russian (3), Spanish (3), Latin (3), Italian (2), French (1)

  5. Speaking of studying, I went to college assuming I would study…

    I headed to the mountains to study Audio Engineering. However, four points were given to Creative Writing which I briefly considered before committing to French.

    Journalism (4), Audio Engineering (3), Creative Writing (3), Music - Performance (2), Philosophy (0)

  6. Here are some of my favorite films…well, minus one.

    I didn't really like Citizen Kane, mainly because I knew that Rosebud was a sled a head of time. Now it will be ruined for you as well. (All the others are on my must-own list.)

    Citizen Kane (4), Magnolia (3), Sleepless in Seattle (3), La Cité des Enfants Perdus (1), Arsenic and Old Lace (1)

  7. One of these things is not like the others. One of these things doesn’t belong.

    This was an trick question based on hidden logic, but the answer is Old Books. You can easily find the other three in my room, but the old books are on a shelf downstairs.

    Ink Bottle (7), Rocking Chair (3), Lanterns (2), Old Books (0)

  8. I have read the complete works of…

    Jane Austen. Five points were given for J.K. Rowlings though she isn't finished yet.

    J.K. Rowlings (5), Jane Austen (4), L.M. Montgomery (2), C.S. Lewis (0), Thomas Wolfe (0)

  9. I have been to many places, but never to…

    Surprisingly, it's Duke Chapel though I live in the same town. Two points were given for London since all my time there was spent at the airport. Also two point were given to Vermont because I was too young to remember it.

    Trinidad (6), London (2), Duke Chapel (2), Vermont (1), Olive Garden (1)

  10. In my personal opinion, which of the following can claim the world's best cuisine?

    Hands down, it's Portugal, though four points were given to Southeast, USA since we do eat well here. Caldo Verde or Bar-B-Q?

    Southeast, USA (6), Southern France (3), Portugal (2), Korea (1), Pakistan (0)

Thanks to all who participated. As a whole you guys didn't do too badly - 4 out of 10 impossible questions. ;o)

posted by Jamie 12:44 PM

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