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Friday, October 25, 2002
Awaiting the Great Pumpkin

I am linus

Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

posted by Jamie 3:30 PM

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Thursday, October 24, 2002
Today I paid a total of $178 to find out that I don't have skin cancer, I applied for a P.O. Box, I continued my search for metal sign letters, I bought a cup of tea at a coffee shop, I paid my bills, and I have made 10 phone calls. I'm sure you all wanted to know how I spent my afternoon. ;o)

posted by Jamie 7:20 PM

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
When You Hear the Whistle Blow
I think I have wanderlust, that state of mind that made men of old yearn for the seven seas. I don't want to be a nomad though, but I do want to see things I've never seen like Kansas and Qu├ębec and Oregon and Scotland. I want to hear about the lives of strangers. I want to learn what makes Nebraska so different from North Carolina. Then I want to come home to a small place that's mine and process all I've seen before I go out and do it all over again. Australia, anyone?

posted by Jamie 12:21 PM

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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
A Little Cold Air Will Do It
I went outside to mildly bemoan my current state when a rush of memories of these past few weeks hit me. I know most of my family and they love me and there is no doubt in that. My aunt called for my mother's cell number, but wanted to chat a little as well. Her daughter who is my age is always happy when I call and my cousin's daughter laughs at me at well, even when she's at that clinging stage. My parents enjoy my company and make a point to tell me this whenever I spend time with them. My father goes out of his way to help me even when he doesn't quite understand why finding something like an old broken board is important. My mother calls me every few days to see how I'm doing. My sister thinks I'm weird, but she likes me that way and her husband always asks me what I'm up to. My brother understands me even when I'm making no sense. I don't always make sense to my friends, but they try their darndest to understand and they do truly care. There is Canadian beer with labels like "Skinny Dippers are people too." The cats are excited when I get home and, now that it's cold, they sit on my lap when I watch TV. There is French cheese in the fridge and the pantry is overflowing with tea and my housemates sometimes will drink tea with me so that I can use my teapot with the tea cozy my mother made me. I have a library full of books that I haven't read and access to all sorts of music. And best of all, I have been bound to a God who loves me in my wretched state and best of all, his smiles are mine. I have it good. So much for the bemoaning, my sorrows dissolved into laughter.

posted by Jamie 10:36 PM

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The Sacred and Profane
Nobody can combine Handel's
Messiah with Donkey Basketball quite like Garrison Keillor.

This is most appropriate because from the beginning, Messiah has been a joining of the sacred and profane, but isn't this the whole point of redemption? Quote - "It has fed the hungry, fostered the orphan, and enriched succeeding managers of oratorios more than any single musical production in this or any country." ( NPR )

posted by Jamie 12:11 PM

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Everybody Wants Prosthetic Foreheads on Their Real Heads
My friend
Patty leads the most interesting life, though somewhat accidentially.

posted by Jamie 9:56 AM

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Monday, October 21, 2002
- Do You Ever Just Want To Quit? -
The good news is that you only go to hell if you have non-Christian tatoos. Seems that the Pearly Gates are no accepting Christian ones...

(I think you can see our neighborhood "fanatics" on the

posted by Jamie 12:35 PM

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