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Thursday, September 05, 2002
- Happy Birthday! -
Happy Birthday to

posted by Jamie 10:33 AM

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- If you forget my face I'll never call your name again -
I'm off today to Nashville for the very first
Indelible Grace worship conferece. It should be fun. Being a good RUF alumni, I've really appreciated what they are doing down there and though they are not the only voice - only the loudest - it is still a good voice and I'm glad to have them around.

I tend to equate Nashville with everything wrong in the Christian Music Industry (though I don't think it's really "Christian" at all.) I also tend to mock the town a lot, but I've really been convicted over this of late. A little sacrasm can be good, but I don't think my words are always beneficial. I'm hoping actually being in the town will soften my view and make it one of love and not of disgust. It's a town, not an icon. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm like a zealous Huguenot beheading statues of Catholic saints. There is just no benefit in this.

So I've packed my guitar in lieu of my soapbox. Hopefully it will be a good time. I'm rather looking forward to it.

posted by Jamie 8:37 AM

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
- 'Cause I'm not hip or chic -
The unwritten law I followed in high school was to never do anything that anyone else did. This was the path to coolness. I must be getting old because I thought I
Kristen's titles were a good idea and implemented them in her honor. (Credit should always be given when it's due.) Enjoy!

posted by Jamie 10:20 AM

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- Are you my sister? -
Three cheers for
Melissa for giving me my third decent haircut in three years. However, because of my hair color and texture, I basically have the same cut as a friend of mine - though it was completely unintentional! There's only so much you can do with unruly hair!

Speaking of looking like another.... It seems like everywhere I go, there is always someone who is mistaken as my sibling. Sean, John, Rachel, Katy.... I think it's the curly, brown hair & freckles - we should start a club!

posted by Jamie 10:04 AM

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Tuesday, September 03, 2002
- Show me a happy man -
On a more serious note... This weekend I went to see
13 Conversations About One Thing. The film surprised me since I was pretty much expecting just another artsy film at the arts theatre. Mainly, I appreciated its questioning. Instead of providing the answers, it provides you with a lot to chew on. Is there happiness? Is hope foolish? What do I do with my guilt? It also explores the inter-connectiveness of our lives and the "fate" that controls them. Not bad for 96 minutes.


First you have the comparison of Patricia & Wade who both have their lives turned upside down through no fault of their own. Patricia reacts in stoic acceptance. She can find no joy and only plods on day by day, closing herself off from the rest of the world. Wade reacts like a modern-day Pollyanna, always finding the bright side and trying to brighten the lives of those around him. Who is the wiser - the happy Wade or the despairing Patricia? Is it hope or foolishness?

Second, there is the comparison of Gene and Beatrice. Beatrice is a hopeless dreamer and Gene a hopeless skeptic. When faced with hope Gene ultimately pushes it aside as unexplainable. Beatrice, when faced with despair, is defeated by it until an encounter with a dreamer as herself restores her former outlook. Who is wiser - Beatrice with her hope in days to come or Gene in his days that will always be stark? Whose eyes are truly opened?

Third, there is the comparison between Troy and Walker. Troy spends his days ridding New York of hardened criminals and his spare time mentoring new lawyers until he commits a hit & run. Walker is a professor without the compassion to help his students and he spends his free time fulfilling his own desires, deserting his wife for his lover. Who is wiser - Troy buried in his unintentional guilt or Walker with his attachments to nothing? Who is the better man?

Best of all, the film doesn't give an answer. It only gives you options and it doesn't even try to resolve these. Instead it forces you to apply the question to yourself. Can I get by on my good intentions? Is my hope secure or am I deluded?

I did have a couple issues with the film - First, some of the characters were not tightly drawn into the story line - here I'm thinking mostly of Gene's son. Perhaps he is just there to show Gene's fallenness. Second, Smiley wasn't developed enough that we see his true self or the reason for his happiness. Maybe he's just as guilty as the next guy or is he truly a "saint?" Third Patricia is a victim and never a victimizer. I would apply the same question to her - is she just as guilty, or truly just a victim?

Good film. Good questions. Go see it and comment.

posted by Jamie 1:58 PM

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- So much to do -
  • Balance Checkbook
  • Arrange Airport Transportation
  • Locate fiddler.
Actually, I'm very excited about this! I'm really looking forward to playing with Lizzie. She's an incredible musician and just a lot of fun to be around. (Note:
Steep Canyon Rangers has a new release Mr. Taylor's Home which is endorsed by this blogger.)

Currently, everyone who I've wanted to come play has not just been willing, but has really wanted to participate. The lenses are rose and I've been happily bouncing around. It's better than Christmas! (And, hopefully, we'll be done by Christmas!)

posted by Jamie 12:02 PM

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